Healthy life with nopal

Our story

In search of an exquisite flavor.


Going back a few years time , our founders undertook the mammoth task of introducing to the market a quality product for all Mexicans .

Thus was born Nopalísimo , 100% Mexican company where every day the best nopales to occur Mexico and the world, thus becoming , in the company of choice only premium canned cactus .

We are a key ingredient in Mexican cuisine !


Zero thorns , full flavor


"We provide the Nopalísimo experience in every bite. "
With high standards of quality in our production , we offer a healthy product , innovative, and exquisite.


Every day we fill the homes of Mexican families with our delicious flavor , preserving all the healthy benefits of our product to our customers.


" We harvest more than a cactus , we quality to your home. " In Nopalísimo took the field to your table , a product made with love and responsibility.


" Honesty , Loyalty and Excellence. "
We are a 100% Mexican company committed to the production, processing , quality and marketing of Mexican cactus in the national and international market.


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Phone number:
From inside the republic: 01 592 922 8146
Outside the republic: (+521) 592 922 8146

E-mail: [email protected]
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